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Crystal Clean Oriental Rug Cleaning Steps

  1. Color Run Test
  2. Upright Vacuum
  3. Washing in the Pit
  4. Rinsing
  5. Stain and Odor Treatments
  6. Drying
  7. Detail Cleaning on Missed Spots
  8. Fringe Work and Cleaning
  9. Scotch Guard if Wanted


Crystal Clean 5 Shocking Reasons to Get Rugs Cleaned

  1. Hygiene & Health-rugs act as a filter that collect dust, dirt particles, and germs that can actually grow mold spores and allergens, and in some cases can be reservoirs of bacteria or viruses – so cleaning them serves an important health function.
  2. Allergies-dust mites are insects that thrive on mattresses, furniture, rugs, carpets and other fabric. They feed on skin flakes shed by people and pets every day, thriving in warm, humid environments. Their presence is associated with reduced respiratory health, triggering asthma and other allergy related attacks.
  3. Enhances the beauty-removing dirt, spots, spills and stains will brighten the fiber and give life back to the rug
  4. Extends the life of the rug-dirt, sand, and grit act as sand paper to rug fibers as you walk over the rug the "sandpaper" causes wearing and discoloration of the fibers, dramatically reducing the years of potential use.
  5. Clean=happy-a clean rug, car, sheets and shoes are just a few things that make our hearts happy!